Request of Fund/Donation for Nepal Earthquake Victims

Nepal is encountering with the severe and the devastated earthquake on April 25 and April 26, 2015, and casualties have already been understood through different news media and organizations. Currently, there are 5 Nepalese people are enrolled in Saga University as researchers and students including one Visiting Associate Professor at Institute of Lowland and Marine Research (ILMR). Everyone has been seriously suffering with the damages occurred in Nepal.

National and international Researchers and engineers have been continuously supporting to develop research and educational activities with the establishment of the institute and expanding their activities through launching satellites in overseas universities from ILMR as the headquarter. The research fellow from Kasetsart University (which has an agreement of Satellite with the ILMR) has already started to initiate for rapid relief supplies to Nepal to support strongly in the vicinity of damaged area brought by series of earthquakes in Nepal. Besides, many colleagues from Japan and overseas are raising voice to assist in Nepal through various ways and they on the way to act in the field at the fullest.

We would therefore humbly request you to support every victims of Nepal with your proper guidance and cooperation.

Method of financial support is explained in the separate sheet. Please fill up your name and belongings attached in the separate sheet which will be supplied through a resource of the disaster investigation team. The supported money will be most effective at the disaster site according to the necessity of the environment. You are invited to participate in the report meeting to discuss further about Nepal Earthquake nearby.

Thank you very much for your kind cooperation.

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