Rule for Election of Council Members (Byelaw)

The Executive Body Committee of IALT formulated the following rules for electing IALT Council Members. This rule is approved at the General Body Meeting on September 14, 2006, and is included in the statutes.

1. Election Committee.
The Executive Body (consisting of President, Executive President, Vice Presidents and Secretary General Cum Treasurer) serves as election committee. The Executive President will be the chairperson of the committee.

2. Candidates.
All IALT members are eligible to be nominated as candidates and also to nominate other members as candidates. A candidate to be eligible to contest must have been nominated by at least two members of IALT.

3. Positions for election.
The positions for election are as follows:
(a) Executive body: President, Executive President, one of two Vice Presidents
(b) Editors-in-Chief: Two of three Editors-in-Chief for the journal of Lowland Technology International (LTI).
(c) Council Members: Maximum of Six Council Members among Total maximum seven Council Members.
According STATUTE, one of the two Vice Presidents, Secretary General Cum Treasurer, one of the three Editors-in-Chief of LTI should be from Saga University, Japan, and one of the Seven Council Members should be from the Lowland Research Association (LORA), Japan. These positions are not subjected to election.

4. Way of voting.
Use an open ballot method and the votes can be sent to the Election Committee by (1) post, or (2) fax, or (3) e-mail with signed ballot as an attachment.

5. Approval criteria.
(1) If the number of candidates is more than the number of positions, the candidates receiving more effective votes will be declared elected. The "effective votes" means the votes actually voted following the rules specified.
(2) If the number of candidates is the same as the number of positions, the candidates will be declared elected unanimously.

6. Schedule.
The election of a new council shall be carried out about Half (6 months) year before the end of acting council's term. A reference schedule is as follows:
(1) Middle of February: Call for nominations of candidates by IALT members (including Corporate Members). The deadline for nomination shall be around the middle of July.
(2) Middle of March: Acceptance of nominees by the Election Committee.
(3) Middle of April: Confirmation of qualified candidates by IALT Council.
(4) End of April: Last date for withdrawal of candidates, if any.
(5) Middle of May: Notification to all IALT members of the list of candidates and solicitation of their votes. The deadline for voting shall be the middle of June.
(6) Middle of August: Notification of the results of the election if necessary to all IALT members.