Rule for Election of Advisory Board Members (Byelaw)

The Executive Body Committee of IALT formulated the following rules for electing candidates of Type II for IALT Advisory Board members. This rule is approved at the Council Meeting on September 13 2006, opened at the IALT General Body Meeting on September 14 2006 and is included in the statutes.

1. Election Committee.
The Executive Body (consisting of President, Executive President, Vice Presidents and Secretary General Cum Treasurer) serves as election committee. The Executive President will be the chairperson of the committee.

2. Category II members.
All members of the council (past or present) are eligible to nominate candidates to serve on the advisory board. The nomination of such members is restricted to the present and past members of IALT.

3. Approval of membership of the Advisory Board.
Subject to the approval of the electing committee, a candidate’s case is put to the general vote by all the members of IALT. The final appointment would be based on the outcome of the vote. The candidate drawing more “yes” than “no” vote is declared elected.

4. Way of voting.
Use an open ballot method and the votes can be sent to the Election Committee by (1) post, or (2) fax, or (3) e-mail with signed ballot as an attachment.

5. Procedure for voting.
The vote may be cast using mail, fax or e-mail with signed ballot as attachment.

6. Schedule.
The election of a new IALT Advisory Board member shall be carried out about one year before the end of acting council’s term. A reference schedule is as follows:
(1) Middle of June: Call for nominations of candidates by IALT president, executive president, vice presidents, Secretary General Cum Treasurer, retired IALT vice presidents and retired council members. The deadline for nomination shall be around the middle of July.
(2) Middle of August: Acceptance of nominees by the Election Committee.
(3) Middle of September: Confirmation of qualified candidates by IALT Advisory Board election committee.
(4) Middle of October: Notification to all of the IALT council members of the list of candidates and solicitation of their votes. The deadline for voting shall be the middle of November.
(5) Middle of December: Notification of the results of the election to all IALT members.