Lowlands are defined as the areas wherein the resident populations are dealing with problems and disasters caused by the changes and fluctuations of water levels of sea, rivers and lakes. Many of the problems of lowlands are accentuated by the presence of soft ground underneath. A significant percentage of the world population either resides in or have activities, (agricultural, industrial, commercial or recreational) connected with these lowlands. In view of the relative sea level rise due to global warming, subsidence due to groundwater withdrawal, etc., risks, dangers and the problems with lowland areas would be of increasing importance in the near future. There is an urgent need to bring together engineers, scientists, planners, administrators into an organization to focus attention and to evolve solutions to the problems of lowlands.
To investigate the problems related with lowland areas, the old Institute of Lowland Technology (ILT) was established at Saga University in 1991. It has been promoting international exchanges of academic and technical information and other issues concerning lowland environment. The old ILT was renewed in 2001. The activities of ILT cover the aspects of water management, environment and geotechnical engineering in the entire lowlands.
The International Association of Lowland Technology (IALT) was founded in November 1998, under the sponsorship of the Lowland Research Association (LORA) to foster and further the international activities not only by intensive studies of the geotechnical, environmental and integrated water management aspects but also on the broader and inter- disciplinary fields of ecology, development and culture of lowlands.


The objectives of the IALT shall be the promotion of cooperation among engineers, scientists, planners and administrators who are interested in or dealing with the problems of lowland areas. The IALT shall pursue the following activities in lowland technology:

  1. To promote international exchanges amongst engineers and scientists;
  2. To organize international conferences, symposia and academic and technical meetings;
  3. To arrange periodic general meetings;
  4. To promote research and studies;
  5. To publish a technical journal to be named Lowland Technology International and
  6. To collaborate with other international agencies or organizations.


Engineers and scientists who are interested in or dealing with the problems of lowlands can become individual members of the IALT by paying an annual subscription fee to be decided by the Council from time to time. A member who has made a substantial contribution to the IALT can be elected as an Honorary Member under the recognition of the Council and shall be entitled to all the rights and privileges of the individual member without payment of annual subscription during his/her lifetime. Agencies, companies, organizations and corporations, etc., are encouraged to become corporate members by paying the corporate fee. Student members pay a lower annual fee. The actual fees to be paid by different categories of members shall be decided by the Council from time to time.
The members (individual, corporate and student) receive the journal "Lowland Technology International" and the newsletters published periodically, free of charge. They will also be able to attend the conferences/seminars organized by IALT, at concessionary rates.  ->byelaw
Application Form For Membership is available here.


The Council of IALT shall consist of the following members:

  1. The President
  2. The Executive President
  3. Two Vice Presidents
  4. Secretary General Cum Treasurer
  5. A maximum of six members
  6. The Editors of the Journal of IALT

One of the Vice Presidents, the Secretary General cum Treasurer and one of the Editors of the Journal shall belong to the Institute of Lowland Technology/Saga University. At least one council member shall be from LORA. The Council shall meet not less than once every year and will lay down policies and guidelines for the functioning of the Executive. The quorum for the meeting shall not be less than one half of the members of the committee. A committee member can be represented at a meeting by proxy which is submitted prior to the meeting. Postal Committee meetings shall have the same authority as the regular meetings, provided that there is a participation of not less than two thirds of the committee members for voting purposes.


The Advisory Board is created to advise the council on issues related to the activities of IALT. The president and the executive president of IALT would from time to time seek the guidance of the advisory board members who are also welcome to attend the meetings of the council and provide their views on the issues under discussion.
There would be two categories of members. Past presidents, executive presidents and vice presidents of IALT would automatically be elected to the membership of the advisory board unless they decline, in writing, to serve in the said capacity. Theses are category I members. For category II members see the bylaw below.


The operations of the IALT will be carried out by the Executive President/Vice President/Editor and the Secretary General cum Treasurer who are from ILT/Saga University. They are responsible for the day to day functioning inclusive of maintaining the accounts of the IALT.


The members of the Council shall be elected by postal ballot by regular and corporate members and serve for a period of four years. If the tenure of the President, Vice President, Secretary General cum Treasurer or a General Member ceases for any reason, he/she shall be replaced by a new member for the remaining part of period. In case of inability of president to fulfill the official duties, the vice president will be automatically appointed as the president.


A general body meeting of the members of IALT shall be held once in every two years during one of the conferences/seminars. The members present constitute the quorum. During the meeting, the President and the Executives shall make a report to the members of IALT.


The fiscal year of the IALT starts on April 1st and ends on March 31st.


The Association shall be sponsored by the Institute of Lowland Technology (ILT), Saga University, and by the Lowland Research Association (LORA), Saga. The IALT may endeavor to get sponsorship from other Societies, Organizations and International Agencies.


The Secretariat of the Association shall be permanently located at the Institute of Lowland Technology, Saga University, Saga, Japan. The Secretary General cum Treasurer shall undertake the tasks of the Association in liaison with the President and the Executives. He shall also be responsible for maintaining the records of the income and expenditure of IALT and shall provide a statement of accounts to the General Body at its meeting.


Statutes can be changed only by the approval of two thirds of the IALT members who have voted. The voting can be by postal ballot prior to the meeting.


IALT shall periodically publish a journal called LOWLAND TECHNOLOGY INTERNATIONAL (A Journal of the IALT). The Editorial Committee comprising of the chairperson (Saga University) and two editorial vice-chairpersons from overseas is responsible for the publication.